Nineteen Fifteen Celebrate

Nineteen Fifteen enters its 5th year as a producer of content across all platforms.

In the last 5yrs the team have gone from pioneering Live 3D, to delivering the UK’s most successful Live Cine-Cast, for Westlife’s Farewell show from Croke Park in HD.

Produced another world first:-  a Live Improvised comedy advert aired on Comedy Central for Kabuto Noodles (HD)

Crafed a film of Morrissey’s most intimate concert to date, Shot Live at the Hollywood High School. The film celebrates his 25th year as a solo artist.  His first authorised recording in almost 10yrs. The film received a Theatrical release, prior to the DVD/Bluray release.

Rocked with Royals at The Albert Hal for the Princes Trust, celebrated Michael Flatleys 15th Anniversay of Lord Of The Dance (3D and 2D) in cinemas around the world, and gave Kylie her first Live 3D Promo.

The team at Nineteen Fifteen go from strength to strength building on a solid technical background and working with the most talented team of creatives all eager to work on your projects, no matter what size or budget, anywhere in the world.

Whether you need a carefully crafted film, or a newsworthy Live event, the team at Nineteen Fifteen are ready to go.

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