Rolling Stones - Crossfire Hurricane Live International Premiere from the Red Carpet.

Eagle Rock Entertainement called in producer VIcki Betihavas to support the Live Cine-Cast of The Rolling Stones - Crossfire Hurricane documentary premiere.

The film opened the London BFI 2012 Film Festival, with Red Carpet coverage prior to film screening.

With over 40,000 fans watching live in cinemas around the UK, EIre and Europe, the challenges were to ensure those outside Liecester Sq were immersed and engaged with the excitment of the Red Carpet buzz.

Vicki was brought in to oversee and support Eagle Rock and The Rolling Stones content requirements for the UK and International audience.

Host broadcasting was delivered by Sassy Films for Empire Liecester Sq audience, with Eagle Rock & Vicki B creating bespoke live coverage for audience watching in Europe, and the rest of UK/Eire cinemas.



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