Road Runner Live at the 02 (3D)

Open Mike, Lee Evans and Vicki Betihavas had a long standing relationship when it came to filming Lee’s live shows, in 2005 Vicki B facilitated the then sold out XL tour with screens and Live DVD coverage. Open Mike agreed to the shoot being in HD, and thus giving Lee the first HD live comedy shoot.

So when his next tour come up he had to be the first in 3D, and he turned to producer Vicki B who was now leading the LIVE 3D production in UK.

So Lee and the team at Open Mike worked closely with the team at Nineteen Fifteen to ensure the 2 days shoot went well as the HD production was running alongside the 3D production.

A quick turnaround and great teamwork meant Lee was able to be a world first, something Nineteen Fifteen have always enjoyed delivering for all their clients.

Shoot was October and DVD/BluRay was released late November, with a special cinema screening for fans in 3D via the VUE cinema network.